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Goffstown School District

Goffstown School District

Team News.

Team News

3 days ago @ 11:04AM

Vacation Practice Schedule

Vacation Practice Schedule 2019

No Practice Today! (4/19)

Saturday- Merrimack Valley Invitational- Those invited to the meet should be at Barnard Park by 8:00.  Dress accordingly for the weather. 

If you aren’t going to the meet do something active today! 


Sunday- Happy Easter!  Take today off!


Monday- Happy Earth Day!  Do something good for the Earth today!

OYO (On Your Own)- Warm up then…

                        Sprinters- 12 X 200, 1 X 400

                        Hurdlers/Jumpers- 6 X 200, then work on steps if possible

                        Throwers- Lift if possible

                        Distance- tempo run- 5 easy, 10 med, 10 hard, 5 easy


Tuesday- At Barnard Park 8-10 OR if you can’t make it…

Warm up

Sprinters/Jumpers/Hurdlers- 10 x 150, 4 x 200 then event work/block starts/relay hand offs

Distance runners-8 x 400, 400 jog

Throwers- work on approach/shuffle/spin

Cool down


Wednesday-     OYO- Warm up then…

                        Sprinters- 10 X 100m skips in grass, 10 X 100m sprints, block starts/relay

                        Hurdlers/Jumpers- 10 X 100m skips, event work/block starts

Throwers- Throw if possible, if not balance drills and line drills

Distance- 50 minutes


Thursday-        At Barnard Park 8-10 OR if you can’t make it…

Warm up

Hurdlers/Jumpers/Sprinters- 600-500-400-300-200-100, twice

Throwers- 400, 300, 200, twice, then practice form

Distance- Hill workout, 6 x up hill, 200m long, run up hard

Cool down


Friday- OYO- Warm up then…


Ten x straightaway, run with long stride

4 x 200, walk to recovery

1 x 400 meter run-hard effort

Cool down (half mile, stretching – distance runners, 30 minutes relaxed, stretch)


Saturday- Do something!  Play, have fun, hike, run, bike…what ever you want!


Sunday- Do nothing!!!  Take the day off!  Enjoy the last day of vacation!  See you tomorrow!  We will also do our Earth Day clean up on Monday.

Team News

3 days ago @ 11:32AM

Goffstown at Milford

Goffstown Track & Field at Milford


On Tuesday (4/16) the Track & Field team traveled to Milford for a five team meet. The boys finished a strong fourth, while the girls were fifth.

Top performers were:

Vincent Brigagliano in the Shot Put

Caden Perry in the 100 meters

Jen Kullick in the 300 meter hurdles

Jelina Trost in the 400 meters and Long Jump

Steph Flegal in the 100 meter hurdles

Nick Dalton in the 400 meters

Conor Brown in the 1600 meters

Will Sasso and Kris Gendron in both hurdles races

Matt Fielder in the Javelin

Heather Holt in the Shot Put and Discus

Peyton Strickland and Max Young in the Discus

Ava Hansen in the 200 meters

Jonah Lopez in the 200 meters

Sean Leahy in the 200, Long Jump and Triple Jump

Joe McNeilll in the 3200 meters

Team News

1 week ago @ 2:13PM

Pelham Invitational Results

The GHS Track & Field team traveled to the Pelham Invitational on Saturday. The Goffstown Boys scored 26 points to tie for 8th place in a 20 team field. While the Girls did not score, but had many strong performances.

Leading the way was Sean Leahy who placed second in the 400 meter dash and third in the long jump. Both marks qualified Sean for the State Division II Championship Meet.

Freshmen Peyton Strickland and Will Sasso also qualified for the DII meet. Peyton Placed third in the Discus and sixth in the Shot Put with excellent distances for a freshmen. While Will placed 4th in the 330 meter hurdles in his first race. Toby Halpern placed 6th in the difficult triple jump competitioin, while Aaron Duval made the final finishing 8th.

Strong races were turned in by Justin Kaminski, Caden Perry, Jenn Kulick, Steph Flegal, Paige Armstrong, Nick Dalton, Lil Fales, Connor Brown, Kris Gendron, Jelina Trost, Lisa Vickery, Ava Hansen, Jonah Lopez, and Joe McNeill. Throwers Vince Brigagliano, Max Young, and Adam Ziienkiewicz.
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