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Team News.

Team News

1 month ago @ 12:54PM

Grizzlies Volunteer

Every year, the Goffstown Hockey team selects a charity of choice. Or, over the last two seasons, they have decided to be hands-on and not let the parents and board members run a charity night that they are disconnected from. They wanted to get their hands dirty and do the work themselves. Personally, I love it. These players are all in, hands-on, and doing the work themselves.

All 22 players were there after morning practice on Wednesday morning at 8:30 am until 11:30 am.

After splitting the group in 2, they were trained in their particular jobs.

Group 1 sorted nonperishable items by type, protein, pasta, drinks etc.

Group 2 sorted frozen types of meat.

After 2 hours, they probably did close to 10 pallets of food to be given out to food pantries statewide!

The groups were then given a tour of the rest of the facility including a kitchen where they prepare 300 hot meals a day.

And guess what, the players liked the volunteering.

Our donation from the food drive at a recent home game was totaled at 117# of food.

Thank you to parent volunteers -Margo Amorelli, Brenda McGregor and David DesRuisseaux who pitched in with the players.






Team News

4 months ago @ 9:37PM

Grizzlies earn a 7-4 pre-season victory over Manchester Memorial

Goffstown scored 3 goals in the first period and added 4 more in the final period to come from behind and win their pre-season scrimmage game against Manchester Memorial at Sullivan Arena on Sunday evening. The Grizzlies open the Division II Regular Season on December 10th at Oyster River (Whittemore Center). Game time is 8:00pm.
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