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Goffstown School District


Goffstown School District

Goffstown School District

Program Objectives

Objectives of the Athletic Program

  1. To create a positive image of Goffstown School District students and programs.

  2. To produce winning teams within the bounds of good sportsmanship and fair play.

  3. To increase the number of individual participants in the interscholastic program and to encourage and increase spectator attendance by expanding opportunities in different areas.

  4. To provide opportunities, under the guidance of qualified coaches, where students cope with challenging situations similar to those encountered in the contemporary world. These situations should provide adequate and natural opportunities for:

    1. physical, mental and emotional growth and development.

    2. The acquisition and development of special skills in activities of the student’s choice.

    3. Team play that emphasizes commitments such as: loyalty, cooperation, fair play and other desirable social traits.

    4. Stressing self-discipline, self-motivation, excellence, and the ideals of good sportsmanship.
    5. Generating a feeling of unity. 
    6. Achieving individual, team, and school goals. 
    7. Developing worthy use of leisure time. 
    8. Individuals to explore future vocational opportunities. 
  1. To provide an exemplary interscholastic program that includes appropriate opportunities for every boy and girl.

  2. To provide opportunities for a student to experience success in an activity he or she selects.

  3. To provide sufficient activities for a wide variety of student interests and abilities.

  4. To provide student activities which offer the greatest benefits for the greatest number of


  5. To foster a desire within the program to succeed and excel.

  6. To develop high standards and ideals in all human relationships.

  7. To develop self-discipline and emotional maturity in the decision making process.

  8. To create an understanding of working within a prescribed set of rules, thus gaining a respect for the rights of others.

  9. To develop an understanding of the value of activities in a balanced educational program.
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