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Goffstown School District

Athletic Policies

In order to provide a safe and meaningful learning experience for our student athletes, there needs to be clear boundaries and expectations. Our student/parent agreement (sport forms) has been designed to achieve understanding between the coach, the student and the family. 

By signing this agreement the student and parents acknowledge an understanding of the rules and regulations contained in this agreement and recognize the rules and regulations that pertain to the athletic activity involved as well as the effort and dedication that participation requires. The regulations set forth in this agreement are not designed to question the integrity of the student, but rather aid them in achievement toward being the best they can be. 

Willful violation of any of the following rules will result in a twenty school day suspension. A second offense will result in a ninety school day suspension. 

  • Drinking or possession of Alcoholic Beverages
  • Unauthorized use or possession of drugs
  • Vandalism
  • Stealing
  • Gambling including gambling on the outcome of school contests
  • Smoking or use of tobacco (including chew and snuff) anywhere at anytime during the season
  • Hazing - defined in the NHIAA handbook:  "Any conduct or method of initiating students onto any team or organization, which subjects a student to physical or mental abuse and/or publicly embarrasses or humiliates the student".

All rules referenced above apply to all student athletes anywhere for the duration of this agreement. Willful violation of any of these rules will be investigated by the administration. All students will be afforded due process. 

Academic Eligibility:

All students involved in interscholastic athletics must abide by all regulations established by the NHIAA concerning academic eligibility.  A student must pass a minimum of FIVE classes  in the quarter immediately preceding the respective athletic season. If the season spans two quarters, the student must remain eligible based on the grades received during the subsequent marking period.  Incomplete grades are not to be considered passing grades for the purpose of eligibility.  Academic eligibility will be determined on the date that report cards are mailed home.

A student ineligible under Goffstown High School rules, yet eligible under the NHIAA guidelines, may apply for a waiver hearing to determine, on a case by case basis, if a student should be granted eligibility. This can only happen once in a student-athlete’s high school career and is subject to approval by the Principal. 

Attendance at practices and games:  

All students are expected to attend all practices and games. Authorized absences include only those for illness, school functions occurring on a limited basis in which no other alternative is provided the student; i.e. field trips, college visitations and doctor appointments. Other absences not set forth above will be handled by the coach on a case-by-case basis. Limited participation in athletics is not allowed. (Example: special arrangement for individuals to practice less than the scheduled number of days per week for work, driving lessons, etc). Penalties for unauthorized absences from the team may include a one game suspension for a 1st offense and dismissal from the team for a 2nd offense. 

Daily School Attendance:

Athletes who are absent from school are ineligible to compete or practice on that day.  It is the expectation that all student athletes will be in attendance for the whole day in order to practice and/or play. Student athletes must be in attendance no less than half the school day (7:45-11:05 AM or 11:05 AM-2:41 PM), unless prior approval is given by the school administration for the student to be absent.  The Director of Athletics must be notified of deviations from this rule.  Athletes are expected to be in school and on time the day following an athletic event.  Any student who serves an out of school suspension may not participate in the practice session or the game/meet on the day(s) in which the suspension occurred.

Equipment and uniforms:   

The student athlete is responsible for and must return any equipment or uniform used or make restitution for the same. Restitution will be the replacement cost for the uniform or equipment not returned. Student athletes are ineligible to participate in any co-curricular activity until full restitution is made.

Transportation Rules:   

Student athletes must ride on school provided transportation to and from all contests. (Including practices after school that requires transportation). Exceptions must be requested in advance, in writing by the parent or the guardian with reasons set forth for not using school transportation. This request must be approved in advance by the administration. The student athlete will only be released to a parent or guardian. All notes must be turned into the athletic office no later than the start of 3rd block.

Physician's Certification Required:   

No student athlete shall be eligible to try out, practice or represent their school in interscholastic athletics unless there is a current physician's statement on file, certifying that the student has no physical or other defect that would cause them to be a risk in athletic activities.  *NOTE:  A physical on or after June 1st of the year of entrance into the high school is good for all four years.  We recommend having a physical each and every year.

NHIAA and Goffstown School Board Governing Rules:

A student, who has reached the age nineteen on or after September 1st, may represent the school in any interscholastic athletic contest during that school year. A student who wishes to participate in athletics must pass five classes. If the student only passes four classes, he/she may apply for a waiver hearing to receive eligibility. This can only happen one time during a student’s four years of high school. Each student’s situation is handled on a case-by-case basis. An incomplete counts as a failed class. 

Non-School Competition:

A member of a school team is a student athlete who is regularly present for, and actively participates in all team practices and competitions. Bona fide members of a school team are prevented from missing a high school practice or competition to compete with an "out of school team", unless the Goffstown High School athletic director grants permission to the team member.  Whenever a conflict arises between the high school team practice/competition and an out of school practice/competition on the same day, the student athlete must honor the high school team practice/competition. Priority must be given at all times to the high school team, its practices and its contests.  

Any student athlete who violates this rule for the first time shall be declared ineligible for the next four consecutive events or three weeks of a season in which the student athlete is a participant, whichever is greater. This penalty is effective from the date of his or her last participation in a high school sport. Any student who violates this rule a second time or subsequent time shall be declared ineligible for participation in any high school event for the balance of the year.
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