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1 year ago @ 10:21AM

Concussion Testing Sign-Ups

Baseline concussion testing (ImPACT and C3 Logix Balance) is required for Goffstown High School athletes participating in a contact or collision sport. These two tests are required for all incoming freshman, juniors and any transfers or first-time athletes. (Testing is repeated every 2 years).

The following sports require testing every 2 years at Goffstown HS:

Football, Field Hockey, Soccer, Cheerleading, Girls Volleyball
Ice Hockey, Basketball, Cheerleading, Alpine Skiing, Wrestling, Gymnastics
Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, Pole Vault, Boys Volleyball

ImPACTis a user-friendly web-based program which is designed to test multiple aspects of cognitive functioning like concentration, memory and reaction time. The test can be a useful component of a comprehensive clinical examination when evaluating for a concussion. Testing takes 30-40 minutes and will take place in the Goffstown HS Library. 

C3Logixis a balance testing platform that has the ability to test a person’s balance with the use of an iPad. Inclusion of balance baselines is being done in accordance with the best care for evaluating and the treatment of concussions. This test takes about 15-20 minutes.

Both tests will not diagnosis a head injury as a concussion, they are simply a tool used in evaluating and treating a concussion. A full evaluation by a licensed health care provider that is familiar with concussions is recommended for all suspected head injuries.

If you are unsure if your child needs these tests, please email chantal@nhmi.netwith your child’s name, date of birth, and sport they will be playing to find out more.

Follow these links to sign up for these tests (more dates and times will be added throughout November):

ImPACT testing at the GHS Library:


GHS AT room C3 Logix testing (11/4-8, and 11/11-15):


Mass C3 Logix testing at Safe Sports Network (11/16):


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